Condizioni di vendita


By signing up and using the website, the Buyer agrees to comply with the terms and conditions contained in this contract. For this reason, you are encouraged to carefully review this document before purchasing it.



The goods subject to these General Terms and Conditions are sold by the company / firm MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers with headquarters in Cesena (FC), Via Corte Dandini, 16 registered in the Register of Companies of Cesena, MZZ tax code MRK 73B14 C573Z VAT ID 02516670409 -guito designated as “Supplier” and owner of



The term “online sales contract” means the sales contract for the material goods of the Supplier concluded between them and the Buyer under a system of distance selling via telematic tools, organized by the Supplier.

The term “Buyer” means the natural person who performs the contract referred to in this contract for purposes other than those relating to commercial or professional activity.

The term “Supplier” means the subject indicated in the epigraph where the person making the sale on-line in the manner described in the pre-contractual agreement.




This contract deals with the sale of cosmetics for leather, leather, accessories, etc. Chosen by Buyer through a selection of teematics at, in the manner and variety proposed by the Supplier. The offer and sale on the Product Site constitute a distance contract governed by Art. 49 and ss. Of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, no. 206 (“Consumption Code”) and Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, no. 70, containing the discipline of electronic commerce.

The Supplier warrants that products will be delivered the same as those indicated and described on the site. For all products sold, the manufacturer is responsible. The images on the site are included to facilitate product recognification; Due to variations in the manufacturer’s packaging, the photos may not exactly reflect the appearance of the delivered product.




If you want to receive, via e-mail, the newsletter at, or announcements regarding the ads on a given date on the same portal, you must explicitly authorize the sending of the e-mail by the site , As well as the obligation to authorize the processing of its data. ART. 5 SUSPENSION OF SERVICE AND RESOLUTION Access to services on the MIRKOMAZZ Hairdresser website and its website may be suspended, limited or discontinued at any time. The Site reserves the right to block access to any material and / or to remove any material that, in a reasonable and unambiguous judgment of the owner of the MIRKOMAZZ Hairdresser itself, may result in violations of the purposes and the conditions relating to Services provided by the site itself. The site owner reserves the right to close any user-user’s account that violates the terms and conditions of use expressed in this document.



The prices of the products sold by the Supplier are indicated on the website and are inclusive of VAT. At the price of the product, shipping costs are added, the amount of which varies according to the delivery method required, in addition to customs duties where due. In case a price has been published for error or incorrectly, the Supplier reserves the right to waive the sale.



The contract between the Supplier and the Buyer terminates exclusively via the Internet via Buyer’s access to, where, according to the procedures indicated, the Buyer will arrive at formalizing the Proposal for the purchase of goods. All products sold on the website are present at the Supplier. However, the actual availability of each product can not be assured, as more users may purchase it at the same time. The company / firm MIRKOMAZZ Hairdresser does not respond to any type of malfunction depending on the data transfer network operator (user-purchaser service provider). The contractual language for the contract is Italian, English, French and Spanish.



In order to make a purchase you must register, you will need to provide your name, last name, postal code, e-mail address. Further personal data are merely optional. During the re-registration process, the User must also provide a password, which he undertakes to keep confidential. The user-user, with the same registration, exempts the owner of the site from any liability arising out of improper use of the same password by third parties who have come to know, in any way, of the User-consumer password. All accounts must be registered with a valid e-mail address that is relevant to the buyer-buyer. Following the registration, is entitled to initiate an administrative and promotional email user-buyer with information about account activity and purchases, updating about the Website and related services, other promotional offers, and information about purchases made by the user-consumer. Customer-Buyer may at any time opt to no longer wish to receive promotional e-mails by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the e-mails with promotional content. The owner of the site reserves the right to reject a new registration, that is to delete an account at any time. The User-Buyer guarantees that all the information and information provided at the time of registration, contained in the personal account, is complete and complete. The User-Buyer also undertakes to communicate in a timely manner any variation of the mentioned data and information, by updating them within their account.
Customer-Buyer agrees not to provide false or misleading information, including fake names, addresses, and contacts, and agrees not to use fraudulently credit card numbers or debts, not to attempt to circumvent measures of Site security or violate the network, use site services for purposes other than commercial transactions, engage in any illegal activity in connection with the use of the site and / or the services offered by the site same. MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers does not warrant that the services offered there, that is,, are free of viruses or other elements that may cause any damaging effects on any technology.




Only after the registration, the Buyer will fill in and submit to the Supplier the order form in electronic form, following the instructions contained on the website and illustrated below. The Buyer will have to put the Product in the “shopping cart” and after having read the Terms and Conditions, with particular reference to the contribution for the delivery costs, the way of exercising the right of withdrawal and the Privacy Policy, Desired payment method and choose the “Make Orders” option. Prior to submitting your purchase order, the Buyer will have the opportunity to correct any errors in the insertion of the data following the special modification procedure contained in the Site. In particular, the Buyer may modify the amount of Products that you intend to purchase, adding or deleting one or more Products from the “shopping cart”. The order becomes irrevocable once it is sent to MIRKOMAZZ Parruc-chieri via the website By sending the order, the Buyer acknowledges and declares that he has taken note of all the information provided to him during the purchase procedure and accepts in full the General Conditions, the right of withdrawal and the Pri-vacy Policy.

The Supplier reserves the right to evaluate the acceptance of orders received. MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers will notify Buyer of any inability to accept orders received within 30 days from the day after the Buyer has sent the order. In the case of refusal, the Supplier will refund the sums that have already been paid by Buyer for the payment of the supply.

The conclusion of the contract is subject to payment by the Buyer of the entire amount by one of the payment methods allowed.




The Buyer may pay the price of the Products and the related delivery charges by means of the following means: – CREDIT CARD AND PAYPAL A) CREDIT CARD (Visa and Mastercard) through the QuiPago circuit of CartaSì B) PAYPAL (via PayPal, through your PayPal account or with your credit card (Visa and Mastercard) When the user selects one of these two payment methods he is redirected directly to the manager’s site (Cartasì or Paypal). does not collect or see any sensitive data related to the credit card inserted.

The transaction will be debited to Buyer’s Credit Card only after that

(A) Credit card details have been verified

  1. B) the credit card has been received by the issuing company
  2. C) the availability of the product has been confirmed by MIR-KOMAZZ Hairdressers

Under no circumstances shall MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers be liable for any fraudulent and unlawful use of the credit card by third parties upon payment of the products.

Shipment of purchased products will only be made with accrued payment. Failure to comply with the 3-day deadline implies cancellation of the order.

In the event that, for any reason, the debiting of the amounts due by the Buyer becomes impossible, the sales process is automatically canceled and the sale is automatically canceled.




In accordance with Art. 53 of the Consumption Code, the Buyer receives, by email, the confirmation of receipt of the dispatched order of delivery, containing a summary of the General Conditions, the essential characteristics of the ordered product, its price, the amount paid , The existence of the right of withdrawal – with the indication of the times and the ways of returning the goods – of the geographical address to file any complaints and information on the existing service and commercial guarantees.




Courier service

MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers will ship all over Italy with GLS / POSTEITALIANE at the shipping address indicated on the Auction Office or in the absence of any other indication to the address of residence shown on your account.


Shipping Times

Products purchased on will normally be delivered throughout Italy within 24/48 hours (except minor islands and disadvantaged areas) from receipt and payment of the order. Orders received and paid on Thursdays at 12:30 will be processed and shipped the same day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays); Beyond this deadline, the escrow and the shipment will be guaranteed within the next working day. It is not possible to provide warranty on the delivery times, as there are many variables that also impinge on MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers (eg strikes, atmospheric events, special holidays, etc.) excluding any possibility of damages By Buyer.



It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to always check the status of his (or his) parcel / parcel on the basis of the number of parcels indicated on the delivery note. Any reservation or complaint must be addressed to within the time limits set forth in Section 9 Right of withdrawal.


Shipping cost


Shipping in Italy


From 1 to 12 pieces € 8.00
Over 12 pieces € 15,00


For orders over € 100.00 including VAT, shipping are free of charge.


Shipping in Europe € 30,00


International Shipping € 50,00




In any case, the Buyer will have to provide customs clearance for imports and to pay duties and taxes other than VAT possibly due to the country of import, including any other expense or cost.


The identification of the goods and the transfer of ownership occurs when the goods are returned to the courier. This act will also be deemed to have fulfilled the delivery obligation on the Supplier. The Buyer, upon withdrawal, is required to verify the integrity and quantity of the goods in the presence of the contractor. If the packet has to anticipate alterations in its packaging or obvious tampering, the buyer is obliged to reject the packet without accepting the withdrawal and immediately notify the Supplier by email to in-fo @ mirkomazz. Which will, as soon as possible and in agreement with the purchaser, resolve the problem (eg replacement of the product, partial or total reimbursement in any case, to the maximum extent exclusively paid by Buyer and always only to The person who made the payment even in case of gift to third parties.

If he decides to accept, despite the alterations or tampering, the withdrawal without reservation of the buyer will cover all the risks and consequences of damages or damages by raising any liability of both the courier and the Supplier losing any right of replacement or redemption.


Retirement in saloon


The buyer may choose to pick up the goods purchased at the site of the MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers without having to pay the shipping costs.




Purchase through the site may only be carried out by age-majority persons. By purchasing the website and declaring that he has read and accepted the terms of sale, the Purchaser automatically declares himself to be of age. However, if a child is to be checked by a parent, who exercises his or her parental responsibility will be directly liable for the acquittal, subject to the disqualification regulations set forth in Article 9 of these Conditions Of sale.




Purchases on the site are subject to the discipline stipulated in D.Lgs. 206/05, dictated in the field of distance contracts, as such purchases are made outside the commercial premises. It should be noted that the law provides that the right of withdrawal may be exercised only by natural persons (consignees) acting for purposes which may be considered to be foreign to the business, not even the legal and physical persons acting in Reference to the purchase contract, in the professional field. According to art. 64 Consumer Code, the Buyer has the right to terminate the contract within 10 working days of receipt of the Merchandise, returning the goods to be returned to the Supplier, refunding the price of the returned goods or It will effect the replacement of the same with an equal amount of good, if the purchased or desired good can not be obtained, upon request and authorization. The right of withdrawal does not apply to sealed delivery products that have been opened by Buyer. In order to exercise this right, it is necessary to possess, in addition to the purchase invoice, the product code number (s) and bank coordinates on which the transfer is made.

The communication can be forwarded via e-mail to and sent within the same time by registered letter with: MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers with headquarters in Cesena (FC), Via Corte Dandini, 16 containing:


(A) the manifestation of the will to avail itself of the right of withdrawal pursuant to art. 64 of the Consumption Code;

  1. B) the indication of the Products for which the Buyer wishes to use the right of withdrawal;

(C) the order number issued at the time of purchase;

(D) details of the Buyer’s current account, only if the Buyer has made payment by way of a bank transfer.

The goods must be returned intact, in unalterable condition and complete with the original packaging, at Buyer’s expense not later than 15 days after the notice of withdrawal. The return of the goods is at the full expense of the Buyer. The Buyer is responsible for the packaging of the goods he intends to return and undertakes to take all precautions required to safeguard the goods from any damage or alteration. The Supplier will reimburse the sums paid within a maximum of 30 days from the date on which it came to know of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Buyer and did not, prior to receiving the Return Shipment And controlled the status of goods subject to withdrawal. The costs and risks associated with the return of the products will be borne by Buyer.

In the case of goods deemed to be defective, the Buyer shall, by the time stipulated in Legislative Decree 206/2005, inform the Supplier by e-mail at or by telephone at 0547 611023 , To agree on how to replace the asset or re-accrue the sum. In the case of promotional products for which the offer has been extended or products temporarily on the site, it is not possible to guarantee the availability of the replacement product. It will be the care of the Supplier to agree with the Buyer the most appropriate solution.


  1. The order of purchase may be canceled in full if, at the time of the request for cancellation, the product is still being processed and, in any event, the amount has not yet been incurred; In that case no customer charge will be charged.
  2. If at the time of the request for cancellation of the purchase order the product is already entrusted to the courier or, in any case, the amount has been collected, the Buyer will have to exercise the right of withdrawal and return the goods to MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers .




In case of defects in conformity of Products sold on the website the Buyer must immediately send to the mail address of MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers the relevant communication. The legal guarantees provided for in articles 129, 130 and 132 of the Consumption Code apply to the sale of the Products. The Purchaser has the right to repurchase, without expense, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement or by a proper reduction of the price or termination of the contract. The Buyer shall lapse these rights if he / she does not denounce MIR-KOMAZZ Hairdressers the lack of conformity within two (2) months from the date on which he discovered the defect. The action to claim defects that are not badly concealed MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers are required, in any case, within twenty-six months of delivery of the goods.




Product Information on the Site is constantly updated every day. However, it is not possible to guarantee complete absence of errors. MIRKOMAZZ Parruchieri reserves the right to correct errors, omissions or omissions even after an order has been sent and also to change or update the information at any time without prior notice




The Supplier assumes no responsibility for disagreements attributable to force majeure and other events that prevent, in whole or in part, execution within the agreed time of the contract. The Supplier shall not be liable for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of the failure to execute the contract for the aforementioned causes, since the Buyer dues only for the refund of the price paid. Subject to the guesswork or gross negligence of the Supplier, it has now been agreed that, should it be established that it is in any way liable to the Buyer, including any failure to fulfill its obligations, in whole or in part, Assumed by the Supplier against the Acquirer as a result of the execution of an order, the Supplier’s liability may not exceed the price of the Products purchased by the Buyer and for which the dispute has arisen.




Buyer is required to make sure that the entered data is true, complete, up-to-date and promptly notifies any changes to the data. The Supplier reserves the right to remove such items from its user lists after formal and non-executed self-correction.

Buyer undertakes, once the buyer’s purchase procedure is completed, to arrange for the printing and retention of this contract.




Hairdresser Mirko is in no way responsible for the work of third parties who, as independent auxiliaries, intervene in the management or execution of payment transactions, delivery of goods and any other transaction related to the execution of contracts concluded on the www




In general, as far as not expressly provided in this contract, the laws of distance contracts in force in the State of the Supplier apply.




This contract is governed by the rules of the legal system of the Italian Republic. These General Conditions are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted in accordance with Italian law. For disputes arising out of the interpretation, validity and / or performance of these General Conditions, the indefinite territorial jurisdiction shall be that of the court of the place of residence or domicile of the consignee, if located in Italian territory. In all other cases, territorial competence is indisputably the Foro di Forli. MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers do not enter into contracts with children under 18.




The Supplier protects the privacy of its customers and ensures that the processing of the data is in compliance with the provisions of the privacy laws set forth in Legislative Decree no. 196.

The personal and tax personal data acquired by the Supplier, the holder of the treatment, are collected and processed in paper, computer and telematic form, in order to record the order and activate the procedures for the execution of this contract and the Relevant communications, in addition to the filing of any statutory obligations, as well as for the effective management of business relations (Article 24, paragraph 1, letter b, Legislative Decree 196/2003).

The Supplier undertakes to deal with the confidentiality of the data and information exchanged by Buyer and not to disclose it to unauthorized persons or to use them for purposes other than those for which they have been collected or transmitted to third parties. Such data may be exhibited only at the request of the judicial authority or other authorized law enforcement authorities.

Personal data will be communicated, upon signature of a confidentiality commitment, to only those delegated to carry out the activities required to execute the contract and communicate solely for this purpose.

The Buyer enjoys the rights referred to in art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03, namely the right to obtain:

(A) the updating, rectification or, where relevant, the integration of the data; B) cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including those not required for the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently processed; (C) the attestation that the operations referred to in points (a) and (b) have been brought to their knowledge, including their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except where such It appears impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right. The interested party also has the right to oppose, in whole or in part: (A) for legitimate reasons for the processing of personal data concerning him, even though relevant to the purpose of the collection; B) the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising material or direct sales or for conducting market research or commercial communication.


The Buyer’s communication of his personal data is a necessary con- dition for the correct and timely execution of this Agreement. Failure may not be given to the Buyer’s request.

In any case, the acquired data will be stored for a period of time not exceeding that required for the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed. Their removal will, however, be carried out safely.

Owner of the collection and processing of personal data, is the Supplier, to whom the Buyer can address, at the company headquarters or at the mail address, any request.





For more information or complaint please write to the following email address: or to the following address:

MIRKOMAZZ Hairdressers

Corte Dandini, 16

47521 Cesena (FC)